PLUS FM 100W – 1KW

PLUS FM 100W – 1KW

PLUS FM 100W – 1KW

100W – 1000W

Typology: FM

The SYES PLUS FM transmitter line is a state-of-the-art heavy-duty, FM low power equipment featuring high efficiency technology.

It is a broadband agile 88-108 MHz, compact design transmitter 1RU and 2RU with an output power from 100 W to over 1 k W.
It includes an MPX input  and remote control via SNMP web pages and TLC/TLS.

The PLUS FM transmitter line is designed to fulfill the requests of those remote stations in need of a heavy-duty, cost-effective transmitter design.

  • Frequency Agile Broadband 88-108 MHz
  • Modular and compact design: up to 100 W in 1 RU.
  • Overall efficiency more than 70%
  • MPX Input
  • Optional Stereocoder (L&R), AES EBU inputs
  • Optional Dynamic RDS coding embedded
  • Ultra High signal to noise ratio, extremely low distortion.
  • User friendly GUI.
  • Remote control via SNMP, web pages, TLC/TLS

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