P1 Series Vertical Polarization Dipole Antenna is designed for FM broadcast bands (87.5 –108 MHz). Each antenna consists of a vertical dipole feed balun and is made of stainless steel (PX1 models) or heavy duty aluminum alloy (P1 models).

Omnidirectional . The radiation pattern is omnidirectional.

Antenna Systems . By stacking multiple antennas it is possible to obtain customized patterns, to increase the gain and the power handling capacity according to the user’s needs. Custom models, electric beam angle and zero fill design are available upon request.

Broadband . Suitable for single channel or broadband operation with multi-channel combiners. Easy installation. The standard mounting brackets are designed for instant installation on poles with diameters from 32mm to 90mm. Special brackets are available upon request.

Protection from water, frosting, humidity . The input connector is protected from rain and ice by a special housing. The internal balun is also protected from water, ice and humidity by a sealed housing.

State of the art mechanical design. Using the best materials (stainless steel, non-corrosive aluminum alloy, marine brass, virgin

PTFE) a longer service life is ensured.

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