Model:M80 Mobile Radio

M80,a new-generation PoC mobile radio, is equipped with powerful hardware, such as 7-inch HD touch screen, GPS/Beidou positioning modules, Bluetooth (optional), Wi-Fi and RFID modules, and 4 programmable buttons. It supports industry-oriented software customization.

  • Large HD color touch screen

7-inch large HD touch screen brings ultra-large vision and easy operation.

  • Keep connected anywhere and anytime

M80 supports 2G/3G/4G, Wi-Fi networks to guarantee the communication anytime and anywhere. It supports multiple voice call types, such as individual call/group call/all call/Broadcast call.

  • Dispatch services

M80 can be a mobile dispatch console, providing voice dispatching, map dispatching,location & tracking, voice recording, etc.

  • Attendance management

It supports customized access management function with the built-in RFID card reader module.

  • Custom development

It supports interface expansion on demand and software customization to meet requirements in different scenarios.

  • Multimedia service

The front and rear cameras support infrared night vision. Video and audio are stored locally and transmitted over the network.

Frequency Band 4G/3G/2G
Operating Temperature -40 ~ +85
Storage Temperature -25 ~ +70
Dimensions (H x W x D)  218*106*28mm (excluded bracket)
Display 7” capacitive touch screen
Weight 1Kg (included bracket)


GPS Antenna

4G Antenna

Power connector

Mounting Bracket

Hand Microphone



Serial Extension Cable

Camera Extension Cable

Camera Extension Cable IPC

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