JVC GY-HC550E – 4K ENG Hand-Held camcorder with built in Wi-Fi, ZiXi and Broadcast Graphics

JVC GY-HC550E – 4K ENG Hand-Held camcorder with built in Wi-Fi, ZiXi and Broadcast Graphics

JVC GY-HC550E – 4K ENG Hand-Held camcorder with built in Wi-Fi, ZiXi and Broadcast Graphics

Built-in wireless LAN with Zixi™ error correction. Never before has this level of connectivity been available in a compact, handheld camcorder. Ideal for broadcast newsgathering, it’s equipped with JVC’s powerful communications engine that delivers high quality, low latency error-free video right from the camera, wirelessly. And while shooting, your crew can view return video and receive IFB from your facility. With its integrated 20x lens there are no compromises in image quality.

There are plenty of media options including SDHC, SDXC and SDD. You can even shoot and record to SSD (solid state drive) media in a wide variety of formats, including 10-bit ProRes 422 at 4K resolution and 50/60p frame rates.** Everything you need is included, including built-in dual channel (2.4GHz, 5GHz) broadband radios with MIMO. Just plug in an appropriate media card and begin shooting, recording and streaming.

1″ CMOS 4K Image Sensor

The GY-HC550 features a 1-inch CMOS 4K image sensor for uncompromised image quality. This large sensor delivers a superior dynamic range, high S/N ratio and high sensitivity (F11 at 2000lx). Details are crisp and accurate throughout the entire image plane.

20x Optical/40x Dynamic Zoom Lens with Manual Functions

The GY-HC550 is equipped with a newly developed wide-angle 20x optical zoom lens to offer flexible magnification for shooting. When shooting in HD mode, Dynamic Zoom combines optical zoom and pixel mapping from a 4K image sensor to create seamless and lossless 40x zoom. Take total control of the scene with triple large rings for zoom, focus, and iris for smooth shooting. Other features include an optical image stabilizer and chromatic aberration correction.

4K UHD 60p/50p Apple ProRes 422 10-bit Recording

The GY-HC550 can record in Apple ProRes 422 for attentiongrabbing 4K 60p/50p image creation. Apple ProRes 422 HQ offers virtually lossless intra-frame compression, which speeding up post-production. Footage is recorded in native file formats that are understood by most major editing applications without transcoding. This is helpful for efficient workflow of editing and post process. The 4:2:2 format also provides richer color information and 10-bit recording delivers rich gradations— a definite advantage for grading work after recording.

SSD Enables Extended Time 4K UHD 60p/50p Shooting

Large-capacity, readily-available SSDs (2.5″, M.2 SATA) are compatible, so extended-time 4K UHD 60p/50p video recording is possible. Just plug it into the camera’s extended slot (using the optional SSD adapter KA-MC100G) and you are able to record with only the camera, ensuring a high degree of mobility. High-speed transfer of huge amounts of recorded footage is also possible for stress-free data handling

  • 4K Rec + HD streaming + 4K HDMI output
  • Broadcast overlay on video and streaming
  • High performance 1080 60p/50p live streaming
  • NEW SRT Live Streaming Protocol (optional selection ZIXI or SRT) also RTMPS Protocol available
  • Low latency and high-quality streaming up to 20Mbps
  • LAN terminal (Streaming/IFB/Remote) in addition to USB host (v3.0)
  • Return over IP (Return video and IFB)
  • Auto FTP to upload native video clips automatically
  • NEW Progressive Auto FTP File transfer
  • NTP Time server supported
  • Built-in wireless LAN (2.4GHz/5GHz) MIMO with external antenna
  • Backup to SSD*
  • 40x lossless dynamic zoom
  • 4-inch high resolution LCD monitor
  • XLR audio connectors

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